Why Buy From Us

Your Safety is Guaranteed

While several companies are comfortable with the sales of substandard PPE and pesticides, the opposite happens at Antiviral.life. This is because we ask ourselves these questions:

“Why sell supplies that endanger the lives of your customers? Aren’t you supposed to sell products that guarantee their safety? Why add to the pile when you can deliver the best products in the market?”

And so, we work tirelessly to ensure our products give you optimum protection from COVID-19 contraction. Here are test certifications supporting this fact:

  • Health Canada approved our KN95 face masks as a safe alternative.
  • We import our products from reputable and certified manufacturers, notably 3M Dupont Honeywell and PURELL.
  • Our hand sanitizers are also CE and FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) Approved.

In commitment to further ensuring your safety, we have wholesale offers specially for businesses, healthcare providers, first responders, NGOs, and other organizations committed to fighting against the virus.

We Care About You

In times like this, protective equipment and pesticides have become the new gold, sold at high and unjustifiable prices.

But, we care about your health and safety before profit. This is why we offer the best products and unrivalled customer support (in case you have any questions).

More than a customer, we believe you are family and treat you like one.  And our mantra remains the same – safety before profit.

We Respect Your Time

You have better things to do than waiting forever before you receive your PPE and/or pesticide delivery, don’t you?

After all, there might be pharmacies nearby who offer such services, and COVID-19 doesn’t warn before it strikes. Or does it?

At Antiviral.life, we respect your time and treat COVID-19 as a matter of extreme urgency. This is why we offer different options for efficient delivery services (along with real-time tracking).

Here are vital info about our delivery services:

  • If you reside in the Grand Toronto Area (GTA), you get to enjoy same-day delivery. You’ll receive your delivery hours barely after you place an order.
  • We offer fast delivery (5-10 days max.) across Canada and the US.
  • If you want our products delivered to you at a faster rate than the usual, our express delivery service is your go-to option.